Contact Details

Firstly, it is likely that any information you need is contained in the season handbook. Please consult the handbook before contacting executive members and review Communication Procedures.

In addition, the makeup of the executive is designed to spread the work around. It is best to contact the person most likely to be able to answer your query eg. registration procedures should be addressed to your competition registrar.

Finally, wherever possible, eMail is the preferred method of contact. All executive members have "day jobs" as well and may not be available immediately to answer your query so eMail is the best communication channel.

Please refer here for executive contact details.

Mailing List

BFQ does not maintain a mailing list.  Instead, all teams must have two distinct contacts.  Important messages from BFQ will be forwarded to those contacts.  In essence, you need to know who your contacts are and ask them to provide you with updated info as needed.  If you do not know who your contacts are then email the Registrar for your competition.